About Lindus Wedding Dry Cleaning Service

Lindus can restore your wedding dress to its former state. We can generally clean and treat different materials such as Satin etc….. We take extra care with wedding gowns with delicate beading, flowers, brooches and trims.

We clean and get rid of stains such as wine stains, perspiration, water based stains and oils

Our Wedding dress cleaning process

​With over 35 years of experience in cleaning wedding dresses, our locations have the skills to provide your gown with the best possible cleaning and preserving service using the safest cleaning approach to benefit and suit your gowns unique characteristics and cleaning requirements. The method of cleaning that we will use on your gown will be determined by several factors. Factors that we will take into consideration are:

  • ​​Fabric type
  • Structure of gown
  • Care label specifics
  • ​Types of stains
  •  Beading and embellishments special needs

The Lindus Dry Cleaning Approach For Wedding Gowns 

All natural fibers such as silk will be perfect candidates for the dry-cleaning process. Only the cleanest and purest of solvents are used in our wedding dress dry cleaning process. My extensive knowledge of fabrics together with the designer’s instructions and also the testing of the beadwork on your wedding dress will determine the most effective and safest approach to cleaning your gown.

The majority of wedding gowns that we work on are hand cleaned. We use a Wet hand cleaning approach.

​it is a highly effective cleaning method and will protect the crystals and beadwork on your wedding dress. It removes all the unseen spills and sweat that can appear years later as permanent orange/ brown stains on your wedding dress.

Together with my many years of bridal gown cleaning experience and using the latest and safest cleaning techniques I will only clean your wedding gown utilising the most suitable and safest procedures, without causing damage to the fabric, structure or beadwork. Feel free to discuss the cleaning process with me upon your 1st visit.

After the cleaning has been completed it will be placed on a bodice and a photo of the gown will be sent to you and will invite to come to our store to view your gown.

After the inspection of your wedding gown, you will be offered our preservation service where your gown is softly cocooned in acid free tissue wrap and gently placed in our keepsake chest to assist in slowing the aging process gown for long-term safekeeping.

Best Regards

Peter Pelleri