What is Gown Preservation

This is a special cleaning and packaging techniques used to ensure your dress retains its original glory. We will inspect your gown: the fabric, embellishments and stains, then decide on the best course of action for the cleaning procedure. Cleaning your gown is the 1st and most important step to ensuring successful longevity to your cherished garment. Stains are not always visible to the naked eye and if not cleaned in due time can oxidize leaving yellowing and ageing stains. You can usually wait until after the honeymoon to take your dress to a preservationist, but keep in mind it’s better to take your gown in while the stains are fresh and not set in (especially if it’s stained with mud or red wine). The longer you wait to get it cleaned, the less likely all stains can be removed.

How long does it take?

Depending on the gown we generally ask for 2weeks. After the cleaning process, your gown is wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and placed in a quality archival box.

How much does it cost?

The cost of hand cleaning and boxing a wedding gown depends on the fullness of the skirt, fabric, ornamentation and the degree of stain damage. Please refer to our cost link for more detailed cost information.

What cleaning techniques do you use?

Our cleaning techniques will be styled suit your individual needs. Factors involved include:

  • What Kind Of Material Your Wedding Gown Is Made From
  • Delicate Beading, Flowers, Brooches And Trims
  • Wine Stains, Perspiration, Water Based Stains, oils
  • Does Your Gown Require Any Wet Cleaning

The cleaning techniques depend on the garment and its special fabric requirements. If the garment is suitable for both the wet cleaning method and the traditional dry cleaning method then this cleaning course of action will be undertaken however if the garment is made of fabric which can not be immersed in water then only the traditional dry cleaning method will be used.

The wet cleaning method which consists of gently washing the gown by hand with gentle cleansers that remove noticeable water based stains and unseen stains, such as champagne, sweat and sugar. Other Stains such body oil, fats and oils, fake take etc requires the Traditional dry-cleaning method. This method which involves pre-treating the stains and then using soft chemical solvent to complete the process The soft chemical solvent delicate wear for fragile embellishments, any garments with embellishments which are highly fragile will be protected. Each step of the way ensuring every need of your gowns requirements is met with the highest standard of care and expertise.

How do you preserve my gown?

After the cleaning process, our preservationist will wrap your dress in acid-free paper , then place in an acid-free or pH-neutral archive box, The correct preserving materials are of the utmost importance to help maintain the life of your gown and all storage materials should be clean and completely acid-free which allow the gown to breathe and adjust with changing temperatures. It is in our opinion that the boxed gown be stored in a postion is your home where it is cool, dry and dark and there isn’t a significant fluctuation of temperatures. The linen cupboard, which is quite normally centrally located in homes is an example of a good location for storing your gown. Other places would be under the bed or in your cupboard. If you choose to open the box remember to use the utmost of care when handling the garment. It is imperative for the sake of its continued preservation to prevent any new transfer of oils or dirt. We highly recommend having clean hands and wearing clean white cotton gloves

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